The Wildhearts Approach

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Wildhearts visit the local woodlands, parks and beaches, city farms, theatres, the airport and museums and anywhere else that piques our childrens’ interest!  We really immerse ourselves in the local community which has such a rich variety of experiences, bringing benefits to your children.

“Children can’t bounce of the walls if we take away the walls”

Erin Kenny

We live in a technologically fast world, which is rapidly changing and children can sometimes feel swept up in the plans of adults.  We offer children the chance to slow down and fully immerse themselves in their own fascinations.  We support mindfulness and build self-regulation skills using tools like yoga, breathing and grounding activities and aim to build resilience as we respectfully guide children. 


Healthy food is a cornerstone of children’s health so all of our meals are homemade from fresh ingredients, offering variety and the opportunity to try new tastes.  We grow our own vegetables and fruit, giving children the experience of planting, nurturing and harvesting as well as the chance to prepare, cook and bake their own food. As part of our ethos we encourage healthy routines and promote positive mealtimes where children sit to eat at the table, using real cutlery and crockery.  We cater for a variety of dietary requirements to ensure everyone enjoys these sociable times.


We strongly believe in respecting our environment, living with the rhythms of the day and the seasons.  We are on a journey to improve our sustainability through the Eco Wheel programme, and use and recycle resources where possible.  We use washable Cheeky Wipes and individual hand towels, and support parents in the use of ‘real’ nappies.  We have reduced single used plastics and source energy from 100% renewable sources using a Smart meter to reduce our overall usage.

Early Years Education

Registered on the Ofsted Early Years Register, we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage which sets the standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.  We deliver the curriculum encouraging play, exploration, creativity and critical thinking, ensuring we support the 7 areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Physical development.
  • Communication and language.
  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the world.
  • Expressive arts and design.

Holiday Childcare

Our holiday care runs throughout the school holidays and families can book their school-aged children in for our ‘Out and About Days’ where plenty of fresh air an exercise is guaranteed!

Woodland Parent/Toddler Group

Our Wildhearts Woodland Group is based at Little Stoke Primary Schools’s forest school area, and is run by our colleague Jenny Ratcliffe who is L3 Forest School Leader.  We meet on Monday mornings through term-time and welcome parents with their children to spend time getting close to nature and enjoying the chance to direct their own play such as:

  • Getting creative in the mud kitchen.
  • Hunting for mini beasts and learning about their habitats.
  • Using real tools (under adult supervision).
  • Trying out woodland crafts and activities.
  • Cooking on a real fire.


What areas does our childcare cover?

Most of our children live in Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke and Stoke Gifford, but some parents travel from further away.  Some families bring their children to us on their commute to work locally.

What hours are we open?

We currently operate Monday – Thursday 8.00am – 5pm offering hours to suit our families.  We offer term-time only contracts as well as all-year-round contracts.

What are our charges?

We charge by the hour for attendance, and invoice monthly in advance.  Our Fees Policy is available on request detailing the hourly rate along with details of Early Years Funded Hours which are available for eligible children aged two, and all three and four-year-old children. These Funded Hours are available to cover 15 or 30 hours of care depending on parental eligibility.

Can we accept Childcare Vouchers?

We accept payment through a number of employer voucher scheme, as well as the Government Tax Free Childcare vouchers. These schemes allow employees or self-employed parents to exchange part of their gross salary for vouchers, meaning it is tax-free and exempt for NI contributions.

Do children have to attend a minimum amount of hours?

We recommend that Early Years children attend for a minimum of 2 sessions as a minimum, as it allows them to settle into our routines more easily, but we do offer flexibility depending on parental needs.

Are there any additional charges which apply?

We include memberships to places like the National Trust and Westonbirt Arboretum in our hourly rates, along with charges for entry into other local activities.  We include all meals and snacks in our hourly fees. When children access Early Years Funded Hours, we make a small Additional Service Charge to cover these additional charges which the funding does not cover.

What happens if we are ill?

Whilst we take every effort to remain fit and healthy, there may be some times where I am ill and unable to work.   I may also need to take some time off due to statutory training or to support my on children, but on these occasions I give plenty of notice. In these instances, I may be able able to offer hours on alternative days.

What happens when we are on holiday?

We plan our holidays in September and let all families know the dates for a whole year in advance, meaning that alternative arrangements can be made.  As we have school-aged children of our own, most holidays are taken during school holidays.

Should you choose a preschool, nursery or childminder setting?

We believe that attending a setting like ours gives children a warm, homely environment including plenty of outdoor play, with a trained practitioner to ensure their development is supported ready for school.  South Gloucestershire Council offers useful guidance on their website – and  type “childcare and early years education choices”

Can you visit our setting?

We welcome pre-arranged visits to allow parents and children to meet me and have settling in sessions before starting.